Tank Talk for the RV

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Dumping the TanksIt’s a taboo subject for most people to talk about their waste but if you don’t know how to dump your tanks correctly, you could be in for a really crappy time… Read the rest of this entry »


Showering in an RV

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It sounds basic, showering. We’ve done it our entire lives. It’s a way to clean, it’s a way to unwind and relax, it’s a way to refresh. There’s a few different ways to shower in an RV and reasons for that variation that you might want to keep in mind when purchasing an RV.

Quick Showers

There’s two main reasons people take quick showers in an RV, Saving Water and Limited Hot Water. If you are boondocking (camping without hookups) and are limited on your fresh water you’ll want to use as little water as possible. Another reason is that in many of the RVs the hot water heater isn’t very large which means you won’t be able to take long showers. Military showers are a common way RVers conserve hot and fresh water. The steps to a military shower is pretty basic:

  • Rinse off quickly
  • Turn the water off and soap up
  • Turn the water back on and rinse off

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RV Activity: Urban Kayaking

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DSC_0028Urban Kayaking is an increasingly popular sport that offers a more versatile experience than traditional kayaking in the wilderness. It’s great for RVers who are going to be visiting big cities and have the itch for outdoor adventure.

A lot of RVers bring their Kayaks with them on their urban adventures. The most popular way is with a Toy Hauler. Inflatable kayaks are becoming increasingly more popular. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Reasons to Upgrade RVs

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RVers tend to “dial in” their unit with the personal touches that fit their lifestyle. After years of being in the same RV, some people are ready and eager for an upgrade, however some of us don’t like change. We like things the way they are, after all, that’s why we made it the way we like it. But what we’ve found is that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to upgrading RVs. There’s just too much advancement in technology and design that brings a more pleasurable camping experience. A simple analogy that usually makes sense to people is the quality and cost of TVs over the past decade. For a fraction of what it once cost to have the latest and greatest TV unit, now you can have such a clear crisp picture that you feel like you’re on set! With RVs, that same concept is providing luxury that wasn’t available in the past. ┬áLet’s face it, an RV, travel trailer or 5th wheel can be a significant investment into your family’s quality of life. If you know what types of things to look for you can make a better decision on when to upgrade and what unit is best for you.

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RV Adventure: Race Car Camping

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Camping at the Races (23)Have you ever wanted to go tailgating or stay out late at the races, just to realize you had a long drive home afterwards? If you’re a Racefan looking for the ultimate racing experience, it’s time to go Race Car Camping!

Sometimes Raceways have designated RV Sites with hookups that allow you to watch the races from your RV, but most offer FREE Boondocking for a fun filled weekend of speed! Read the rest of this entry »

Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Towing Safety

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With how powerful today’s pickup trucks are, it’s common to be pulling a trailer that weighs well over double what the truck weighs. Of course, the trucks are rated to handle this tow capacity but this also means that you must keep this top of mind as you pull your rig to your favorite campsite. It’s easy to forget you are pulling something with how smooth the trucks drive and in most cases, the weight is capable of easily pushing you where you don’t want to go if you’re not careful. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Select an RV For Off the Grid Camping

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17 Time to hikeCamping at RV Parks and Resorts are wonderful, but sometimes your wanderlust may bring you deep into the wilderness. It’s these moments when you’ll want to have an RV that’s designed to accommodate “off the grid” camping which is commonly referred to as Boondocking. Here’s a few tips for when you’re shopping for an RV that will take you out into the wilderness, yet still offer the conveniences of home. Read the rest of this entry »