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Travel Trailers are a perfect way to see new placesSo you just bought a new 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer or maybe you bought a Class A or C and are going to be pulling a Tow Dolly.  Are you ready and prepared to tow it out on the Open Road? Here are just a few tips to consider before heading out so you can safely get to your destination. Read the rest of this entry »



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Mobile Home, Bus, Travel, Trip, Camping, VacationThe question isn’t which type of RV is best but which is best for you? Some people make the common mistake of thinking that the different “Classes” of RVs mean that you have to have a specific type of drivers license. But the truth is you DO NOT need a special license to drive an RV. Below are the different types of RVs so you aren’t confused. One important thing to note, these are just RVs. There are other fantastic options in the form of Travel Trailers, 5th wheels and Toy Haulers that we will be highlighting in another blog post.

With any type of RV there are many variations in size, features and cost. These are generalizations of the different types. Read the rest of this entry »


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Being a good Camping Neighbor is about respect. It just takes a little common sense and thinking from the other persons perspective. You have to be considerate for other campers, the campground, and nature. Make sure the kids know the rules as well. Read the rest of this entry »


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The title of “Dummies Guide to RV Tanks” is very fitting because before you RV, you must educate yourself on the RV tank system.  Otherwise, you could end up with a Black Tank DISASTER.

Fresh Water

This one is simple, it’s where your fresh water is held. From your fresh water tank it goes where it needs to from your water pump. This is also called “Potable” water.

Gray Tank

The gray tank is where your sink and shower water goes.

Black Tank

You know the children’s book “Everybody Poops”?  Well in an RV, this goes into the Black Tank.

Dumping the Tanks Read the rest of this entry »

Home Sweet RV – How to Make Your RV Feel like Home

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RV living doesn’t have to be boring.  Every individual have their own style and flare, as should an RV. Below is a checklist of essentials to help make your RV feel like home: Read the rest of this entry »