Tank Talk for the RV

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Dumping the TanksIt’s a taboo subject for most people to talk about their waste but if you don’t know how to dump your tanks correctly, you could be in for a really crappy time… Read the rest of this entry »



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DSC_0566_tonemappedThese Baby Gates are used as dog gates whlie traveling_tonemappedGlamping is “Glamorous Camping” and it’s a hot trend right now. We’ve found that Glamping in an RV is the perfect way to go, especially for full timers. You get all the benefits of Glamping with limited downside.

The most common ways to Glamp are tents, yurts, cabins or RVs. Some companies set up cabins, yurts or RVs so all you have to do is show up and everything is set up and taken care of for you. Tenting and Yurts can be fun but youDSC_0571_tonemapped have to deal with setting them up and taking them down. RVs are our favorite because once you’ve set up your RV for Glamping, the only time you have to do any work is when you move locations.

You can Glamp anywhere. Many people choose to Glamp in the middle of nowhere which we’ve done. But another option is to stay at one of the many RV Resorts across the United States.  These resorts are usually in scenic areas with all the best outdoor adventure activities such as Hiking Trails, Kayaking, Basketball, a Baseball Field, Pickleball, Mini Golf, Tennis, and so much more! Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Cool without the AC

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With the summer winding down, the sweltering heat is cooling off also. Although many RVers are still running their AC during the day. To avoid being AC dependant, here are some tips on keeping cool without the AC.

  • Switch to LED lights

Many of the new RVs are coming standard with LED. If you have Halogen lights they will cause a big difference in the heat that is put out.

  • Park Smart

Fox Lake (38)If you park under the shade of a tree and block the solar energy from hitting your RV it will dramatically effect the temperature inside. If you can’t park near the shade of a tree park where your awning will block the sun from hitting the side of the RV during the warmest part of the day. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Way to Prevent an RV Breakdown

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Everybody loves camping until the RV breaks down. 30% of RVs will need work by the 2nd year. How can you avoid being part of this demographic? Here’s a list of the most common breakdowns and how to avoid them.

The Engine

Engine trouble is the most common RV repair. DSC_0008
The interesting thing is that most of the issues aren’t big failures. They are from small issues that have been neglected that turn into larger issues. Some of the most common issues are incompatible coolants, a filter that needs to be changed, and even putting in the wrong type of fuel. Get to know your vehicle and create a cheat sheet email for common maintenance references. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on Cleaning the Inside of Your RV

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When you are RVing you are small space living. When you are living in a small space a little bit of clutter makes a bigger difference than a little bit of clutter in a big space. Studies show that having a clean living space reduces stress and adds to your overall health.

There are two major reasons people deep clean their RVs at the end of the summer:

  1. School starts and people park their RV for the Winter
  2. Snowbirds get ready to head down South

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4 Fuel Saving Tips for RVers

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RVers all across the country are enjoying these low gas prices, but what if you could lower your gas expense even more? The more you save on gas, the more you can spend on quality experiences during your travels. Here are our tips to put more money back into your pocket.

DSC_0300_tonemapped Read the rest of this entry »

5 Food Tips for RVers

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Food is one of the many joys of the RV Life. Traveling opens up your food choices and options. RVs, Travel Trailers, and 5th Wheels allow you to have the conveniences of home kitchen on the open road. Here are some food related tips for RV Travelers.IMG_3481

  1. Lock it down

    Your food will move around while you travel.
    This can be dangerous and annoying. You don’t want to get to your destination just to find that you’re fruit is damaged, your cans made a dent on your floor, or have to rearrange your cabinets. Wedge things against each other so it’s packed tightly, use rods and bungee chords to keep it from moving around. Read the rest of this entry »