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Tank Talk for the RV


It’s a taboo subject for most people to talk about their waste but if you don’t know how to dump your tanks correctly, you could be in for a really crappy time…

The reality is that with a little knowledge and proper care, dumping your gray and black tanks is a clean and easy process. Which is great because having a bathroom with you on your camping trips can be one of the best reasons for RVing.

RV toilets are different from the toilet in your house. The Toilet in your house rushes a lot of water down a long pipe and into a septic system. When the waste is carried away from the toilet the odors are carried away with it. In an RV Toilet waste is being flushed with a little bit of water into a black tank a few feet away from where the waste is deposited which could make it easy for odors to make their way back up.

Here’s a few tips to make it a clean process.

How to use the RV Toilet

Before anything add a few gallons of water to the black tank so there is a good base layer of water. This is usually a few toilet bowls worth of water. Using your RV Toilet without a good base of water could mean clumping waste, false readings or clogs. Next add RV Toilet Treatment to the black tank. Now your toilet is ready for use.

Use RV Safe Products

RVs require you to use products (like toilet paper) that are specifically designed for the RV Industry. Toilet treatment should be applied to your tanks after each time you dump your tanks. This eliminates smell and breaks down waste so the black tank can be emptied more easily. Do not flush anything else down the RV Toilet other than waste and tp.

Close the Tank

If you’re going to be parked at the campsite for awhile, it’s ok to leave your gray tank open a little bit to drain water you use. This is helpful so you don’t have to be concerned with filling tanks from showering, laundry or dishes. The black tank should be kept closed. If kept open the liquid can easily drain while the solids might form a pyramid. A full black tank is easier to empty as the weight of the waste helps clear it all out when you dump.

Where to Dump

When you have to dump where should you go? Here are a few of the most common options:

Do you have any RV Toilet Tips to share?