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Showering in an RV


It sounds basic, showering. We’ve done it our entire lives. It’s a way to clean, it’s a way to unwind and relax, it’s a way to refresh. There’s a few different ways to shower in an RV and reasons for that variation that you might want to keep in mind when purchasing an RV.

Quick Showers

There’s two main reasons people take quick showers in an RV, Saving Water and Limited Hot Water. If you are boondocking (camping without hookups) and are limited on your fresh water you’ll want to use as little water as possible. Another reason is that in many of the RVs the hot water heater isn’t very large which means you won’t be able to take long showers. Military showers are a common way RVers conserve hot and fresh water. The steps to a military shower is pretty basic:

Long Hot Showers

On demand water heaters are luxury that most RVers don’t have, however with advancements in technology and design it’s becoming more and more popular. Most of them will fit into the existing opening on your RV and run off of propane. This enables the person who loves their long showers to be able to take endless showers.


Many units are designed with bath tubs. These are really popular for adventurers who want to relax and soak after a long day of tramping through the woods. Another common reason people prefer an RV with a bath tub is with small children.

Outdoor Shower

Kids love to get dirty,
sometimes adult kids do also… Rather than dragging this mud into the RV an outdoor shower is a great way to minimize the cleaning you’ll have to do. Often this is a pre-rinse for a longer shower inside.

What about you, is there a different use you have for showering in your RV? Let us know below.