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RV Activity: Urban Kayaking


Urban Kayaking is an increasingly popular sport that offers a more versatile experience than traditional kayaking in the wilderness. It’s great for RVers who are going to be visiting big cities and have the itch for outdoor adventure.

A lot of RVers bring their Kayaks with them on their urban adventures. The most popular way is with a Toy Hauler. Inflatable kayaks are becoming increasingly more popular.

If you don’t have a kayak it’s ok, there are countless companies in major cities around the country that will rent out kayaks. Many of them will take you on a guided tour where they take care of the transportation of the kayaks. Some even have themes like historic tours via kayak.

One of the big attractions to urban kayaking is city skylines. You can have a unique perspective that you can only get from the water.

The closer you get, the better the skyline view can be!

This was taken on an RV Trip. It’s the lock system from the stone arch bridge on the Mississippi River.

This next picture was taken from inside the lock system where the previous picture showed. This view was taken while urban kayaking on the same RV Trip. If you’re not familiar with a lock system, it’s how cities allow boats up and down rivers near dams and waterfalls by raising or lowering the water level in a controlled chamber.

Watch out for dinner cruise ships. Odds are you’ll be the talk of their dinner conversation.

Even though you’re in an urban area, there is still secluded beauty to be seen. While on this particular urban kayak adventure the only other traffic on the Mississippi was a few dinner cruise ships. Cities can have beautiful wilderness areas too.

A bonus of urban kayaking is that you’re able to pull up to spots to take breaks that can’t be accessed by land. Pick your favorite island or beach and have a nice picnic.

Keep a keen eye out for wildlife.

Although controversial, it is unique to be kayaking in a beautiful setting and see “art” graffiti.

Make sure you plan time to take a short hike.

Cities are often built near natural beauties like this 53 foot waterfall.

Mixing natural beauty with architectural beauty is such a fun experience! Now get out and explore a major city!

What about you, have you been urban kayaking? If so, where?